Permanently Remove Mugshots and Criminal Records from the Internet

Don’t Let Your Past Impact Your Future.
We permanently remove mugshots and criminal records from the internet and only charge when the content has been deleted.

For over 12 years, the experts at Guaranteed Removals have helped thousands of people move on from past mistakes or misunderstandings that populate the internet.

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We remove criminal records, court records, and mugshots from search results and the following sites, including but not limited to:





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We require no money upfront. You pay only after the negative content has been permanently removed.
With our service guarantee, once we remove a piece of content, we guarantee it is gone for life.

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“I signed with this company to have negative content removed about me online. The news article that was appearing in my search results when I googled my name was impacting my life in every way possible.

Ashley helped me get my life back by getting this content removed! I would recommend this company to anyone and everyone!”

Nick Deluca, test consulting
“I used their reputation management services and it was a great experience. I specifically worked with Marlina and she’s certainly on the ball. I can’t vouch for the content removal side of things however but I’m sure they would give it their best shot regardless of the situation.”
Rebecca J., Test Consulting
“Abel was our account manager. He was very patient with us, as we took our time to proceed. The company was very professional, provided a fair price, accomplished the goal we set out, and they even went back after several months after completion to change a few things for us for free. Very customer-driven and focused. They are one of the best in the industry.”
Samantha G., Test Consulting

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We offer alternative solutions to outrank and overshadow criminal records and mugshots on search results.

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